Top 6 drinks to try in Costa Rica 

One of my favorite activities during this trip was the Cocktail Mixing class presented by the resort staff. Best part; it was absolutely FREE! FREE! FREE! Who doesn’t love free anything and everything, let alone free alcohol!

Our bartender Mauricio was a doll and told us all about the Cacique (Guaro) alcohol that’s in most of Costa Rica’s mixed drinks (all drinks below contain it). He also explained all the popular beers🍻 

Mauricio 🤗

I’m not a big drinker at all so most of my drinks went to waste, but, I did try all of them + downed the shots as they were delicious! My favorite 2 from the tasting were the Guaro Sour (tasted like sour lemonade) + Mauricio’s Special Shot (can’t even begin to tell you what was in this deliciousness, but it was sweet and looked pretty 😋) 

1. Guaro Shot

  • Cacique Guaro is The official liquor of Costa Rica 
  •  As with any typical shot, your insides are on 🔥 as this is going down! 

2. Guaro Sour 

  • Tropical take on a Whiskey Sour 🥃
  • Super refreshing while laying in the hot ☀️ and/or in + out of the pool all day 
  • Taste like Mikes Hard Lemonade back in the States

3. Michelada (with imperial beer) 

  • Beer drinkers apply here
  • Pilsen= strongest
  • Imperial= the most popular 

4. Mauricio’s “Special Shot” 

  • Taste like orange juice and sugar going down
  • Idk what is in this besides Guaro + 🍊 juice (Sorry) 
  • If you’re a fan of sweet drinks, this shot’s for you

5. Miguelito (White Milkshake) 

  • If you enjoy coconut beverages, this is for you. 
  • Very sweet, so I wouldn’t recommend too many (2 max) 

6. Mango Whiskey Smash

  • Whiskey drinkers apply here
  • Good on initial impact 
  • Taste like you’re eating a cigar/cigarette after initial sip 😝

My personal favorite go-to for any beach vacation: 🍓 & 🍌 Daiquiri🍹Can’t go wrong with this beverage! It’s refreshing + usually super cheap + comes alcoholic/nonalcoholic 

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