Restaurant/Food Review-Estrella Athens

This Post is actually bitter sweet to write. Because, one would think by the picture, that this food was going to be mouth-watering delectable. But sadly, and with great disappointment, it wasn’t even close.

Located in Syntagma Square, Estrella-Athens is a spin off to the famous Estrella located in Thessaloniki. I was having a hard time finding some decent breakfast in Athens. I had breakfast included in my hotel room rate but it wasn’t very good. The night before me visiting I had Googled top 10 breakfast restaurants + looked up reviews on Trip Advisor. I have to be honest, I choose this place strictly off of the pictures I saw online. They looked like how mine did. It looked so good, and so Americanized, something I could relate to. Not to mention, it was about a 10 minute walk from my hotel.

I will say, this restaurant is EXTREMELY popular! If you are traveling with more than yourself, you need to get there early unless you have about 1-2 hours to wait for a table + eating time. Luckily, since it was just me, they seated me right away. Absolutely no wait. They gave me a menu in English. Cool. Off to a good start. I’m browsing the menu, seeing familiar breakfast items, getting excited. Things are looking promising. I’m grinning from ear to ear thinking about how good this is all going to taste. My waitress then comes over to take my drink order. She barely spoke any English. Again, cool. I’m in her country, why would I get mad at her for not speaking my native tongue. She comes back with my water and proceeds to take my meal order. I tell her I want the Red Velvet Pancakes, no cream cheese frosting. She doesn’t understand me. So we both have a good laugh trying to understand one another. She walks away only to return with a BLACK waitress. LMAO. I literally laughed out loud when she came over and so did the black waitress. I proceed to tell the black waitress my order. She then translates to my main waitress.

My food comes out in about 10 minutes. Another good attribute of this restaurant. They are speedy with service and food. But you don’t feel rushed to finish, pay and leave. I’m looking at the food in front of me, salivating about how good this is going to be. Dancing. Because all black people dance when food comes. YASSSSS!!!! I take my 1st bite of the pancakes and I’m am instantly turned off. They were the most dense food i’ve ever consumed in my life. My face turned into the Edit😩 emoji too quick. Biggest and quickest disappointment. I’m like, “okay, I still got one more food item, let me try the ham popovers.”

The popovers had to be decent right? I mean, how could you mess up ham and cheese in a pastry? WARNING: the pink stuff is NOT,  I repeat, NOT a fruit puree or sweet. The garnish is actually a type of Mayo. MAYO!! Like WHY or HOW SWAY!!!!?? I was so disgusted. I literally almost vomited. I’m not even being dramatic. I could not believe it. 1st of all, the description on the menu mentioned NOTHING about a puree of any kind on top. But when I saw it, i’m like “okay, I can deal with the fruit stuff.” Had I known that this was mayo, I would have never ordered it in the first place. I don’t even eat anything with mayo when i’m back home. I am heavily against all condiments. Mayo. Mustard. Ketchup. You name it, and theres about a 95% chance I do not consume that condiment.

And now i’m just sitting here, hungry as shit because the popovers are terrible, and the pancakes are denser then some of the guys i’ve dated. WHY LORD! I had a full day of sightseeing ahead of me, with no food in my stomach.

PLUS SIDE of this restaurant, it is very inexpensive! The whole meal cost me about 8 Euros (about 8.50/9 USD). I was feeling generous so I left a tip anyway, but I was beyond frustrated with the meal. Not even the experience. The experience was great. Ambiance was great. Service, great. If you don’t mind wasting 8 Euro, have time on your hands, and just want to “try” it, then this restaurant is for you. Otherwise, street food/breakfast is the way to go.

I left, walked back to my hotel, and got the best cappuccino i’ve ever had in my life, and went on about my day.  OFF THAT ONE CAPPUCCINO. 

If you want to salivate over their pictures + dishes check out their Instagram Page: 

Estrella Athens

They are also tagged in the picture on my instagram page: 


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